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HFG’s initial project was launched at Wazipur Depot near Rohini, an impoverished slum area of New Delhi, India. Over seven hundred homeless people were living along the railway lines with no homes, no sanitation facilities, inadequate food, and health facilities, with the railway tracks serving as the children’s playground.

Partnering with the government, HFG was able to construct sanitation facilities and is now working on a program that will provide them with permanent housing. Living along the railway lines is very dangerous. Many people, especially women and children, have died in train-related accidents. Eventually, they will have to be relocated to another area of the city.

How We Help

HFG believes in people and their capacity to make a difference. We empower the community poorest people to develop their potential and strengthen their communities. We pursue this goal in a way that encourages innovation and leadership, maximizes resources, and promotes communication and cooperation among all HFG projects.

Through community awareness, social research, pedagogic innovation and collaborative partnership (with likeminded individuals and organisations) it seeks to be a global organisation in the design, content creation and delivery of HFG’s Community Empowerment Programmes much needed for sustaining the life, in this fast changing global economy.

All programmes and projects are initiated through individual and collaborative efforts, and are based on Spiritual Wisdom and Global Human Values and Indian Traditions, duly supported by Information & Communication Technology along with various innovative new generation methods and techniques

It promotes wisdom based, value driven and job-oriented educational and vocational opportunities and social justice by providing resources and high-quality professional education and vocational skills to all who wish to realise their ambitions and manifest the possibilities of achieving their true potential.

HFG works through a network of faith-based, locally led development organizations around the world. We strongly believe in developing indigenous leadership and our local partners and staff have a unique understanding of the culture of the poor communities they serve in

Key elements of the HFG:

  • Achievable, sustainable, and pragmatic approach to poverty eradication.
  • Eradicates socio-economic poverty at the household and community level.
  • An extremely low-cost/person mechanism to eradicate poverty.
  • Simultaneously addresses the interrelated aspects of human and social development involving basic health, functional education, income generation and resource development.
  • Eco-intensive.
  • Promotes organizing venues among indigenous people and vulnerable populations.
  • Promotes inter-sectoral cooperation at the local, national, and international levels.

HFG Team will also help the World drug addict people to get rid of it any drugs they are going thru in their life. HFG will be with several NGO and Spiritual Foundations to accomplish all his Vision.

At HFG Health Centre, we believe that it is not enough simply to treat the ‘addiction’. Instead, a client’s experience with us facilitates on-going personal transformation, the goal being healthy, thoughtful men who are inspired to live with a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. Our therapy program prepares clients and their families for a deeper, more fulfilling life.

HFG Health Centre focuses on providing the most effective, evidence-based treatment, exceeding expectations by paying close attention to four key therapeutic principles:

Respect: We treat others as we would wish to be treated. This respect is the foundation of our program and pervades everything we do, how we conduct ourselves and how we interact with each other.

Gratitude: We feel privileged that clients and their families put their trust in us.

Empathy: We support our clients through the good times and the bad, free from judgment.

Humility: No matter how proficient we are at treating addiction; we know that the client is always the expert in his own recovery.

Our Focus Areas

Key Programmes

Key Programmes

  • Public School Project
  • Community College Project
  • Women Skill Training
  • Computer Training
  • Tuition Centre Supplementary Education
  • School Project
  • Education & Children Sponsorship Project
  • Scholarship Project
  • Preparatory Training Camp for X, XII Students
  • Adult Education Project

Key Programmes

Key Programmes

  • Child Rights
  • Youth Development
  • Youth Skill Training
  • Child Labour Project
  • Prevention of Women & Child Trafficking

Key Programmes

Key Programmes

  • Income Generation Project
  • Bonded Labour Project
  • Community Knowledge & Resource Centre
  • Revolving Fund Loan Schemes for SHGs
  • SHGs Formation & Development
  • Community Radio Stations
  • Vermi Culture Production & Training Project
  • Rural Water Project
  • Urban Slum Development Project
  • Watershed Management Project
  • Rural Development Project
  • Tribal Develop Project
  • Social Forestry Project
  • Aged Home Project
  • Children’s Home Project
  • Housing Project
  • Disabled Rehabilitation Project

Key Programmes

Key Programmes

  • Tsunami Relief & Rehabilitation Project
  • Enviornmental Awareness Project
  • Social Forestry Project
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