Adopt Me

The Adopt Me TV proposed by Help Foundation Group wants to end homelessness by 2025 by the awareness of Oneness and Media production.
In a resolution adopted in 2021, Help Foundation Group founder Rajan Luthra calls on the USA and its states to end homelessness by 2025. He advocates a framework of the strategy to raise funding to tackle the problem.

The Problem
Housing is a fundamental human right, but every night more than 500,000 people are sleeping rough in the USA,The Covid-19-crisis puts homeless people at additional risk. As they disproportionally suffer poor health and lack access to hygiene and health care. With the current economic situation and job losses, homelessness rates could increase.Homelessness is one of the most severe forms of poverty and deprivation that needs to be abolished by a targeted and integrated form of helpHomeless people are often targets of hate crimes and violence, including social stigmatization. The profiles of the homeless population are changing, with more children, minorities, migrants, women, and families on the streets.

Help Foundation Group calls on people to adopt the principle of “AdoptMe”, already successfully introduced by us. Contrary to more ‘traditional’ approaches, the “AdoptMe” model seeks to move homeless people into housing as quickly as possible before addressing other issues such as unemployment, addiction, etc.

Today the world is consumed by an urgent series of crises: energy, food, climate, and finance that not only threaten the realization of the MDGs and the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people, in the North and the South, but also the stability of the world’s economies. We need to take an concrete action with the solidarity of all international communities, in order to perceived crisis in development: the need to examine the shortfall in resources required for countries to achieve international agreed development goals including Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to cut the number of people living in extreme poverty, improve social conditions such as health and education, employment, raise living standards, support gender equality and women’s empowerment and protect the environment.

AdoptMe seeks to employ some of these methods through, generous donors, caregivers, various agencies-Donate fundsFind a place for the adopted homeless personFind Employment for an adopted homeless personSend an adopted homeless drug-addicted person to a rehabilitation centerEvery month there will be deeply moving discussions and interactions between 3 homeless people and audience before the AdoptMe is employ

Thank you for considering the AdoptMe program as a mission to invest your support. Our goal is to provide hope and healing, by improving the quality of life of people who are hurting and homeless. I’m happy to report we have been consistently faithful to that cause.

On behalf of our team, I invite you to join us as we strive to ease homelessness in our community. If you are already a supporter I say “thank you” for your active interest. If you are new to the program I say “welcome.” As you learn about our story, struggles, and successes, my sincere hope is that you will find us worthy of your time and consideration.

I ask you to pray for us and your role in helping advance the work of our program.

We will be deeply grateful for whatever measure of support you provide, and trust that God will bestow His abundant blessings on you. Together, we can make a difference!