Meet the Founder

Rajan Luthra

Founder & President

Throughout his life, he has founded numerous business ventures, engaged in important philanthropic projects and has a world vision of Oneness, where all nations, all races, and all religions, work together to solve the world's problems in a spirit of cooperation and love.

Rajan Luthra got his education in Electronics Engineering from Delhi, India. He successfully started several business ventures from a young age, starting with his export/import business. He gradually moved to Germany and built his real estate investment company dealing with historic, premium properties such as the Villa Baltic, a luxurious mansion on the Baltic Sea in Rostock, Germany.

He has founded a non-profit organization called Help Foundations Group (HFG). The mission of this organization is to alleviate poverty, improve global health, strengthen economies, and protect the environment by fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and private citizens — leveraging their expertise, resources, and passions and turning good intentions into measurable results.

In 2012, he established The Help Foundations Group to develop life-saving programs and services designed to address multiple needs through empowering poor people with economic development, education, infrastructure, health systems, and nutrition.

His entrepreneurial endeavors are largely a means to an end; to provide funding and other resources for developing programs to serve the needy who are hungry, homeless, illiterate, or who suffer from inadequate health care.

In 2016, after moving back to Atlanta, Mr. Luthra served on the Fulton County, Georgia, interfaith council board, working to resolve issues for the homeless in the Atlanta area. He was also involved in interfaith dialogue with religious leaders and charitable organizations to promote unity and cooperation amongst the diverse religious groups in the area.

Fulton is the most ethnically and religiously diverse county in Georgia, and we can capitalize on this by bringing together our various faith and community organizations to engage in real change and progress. The current national mood of divisiveness and separation is not representative of our value as a nation or a county, and working together with peoples of different faiths and cultures toward common goals is the best way to combat this.

The Fulton Interfaith Council has been meeting since July 2016 and has brought together people from different religious backgrounds to work towards these goals:

  • Proactive action toward interfaith understanding and activities engage reactively against hate incidents in the community.
  • Address social issues around discrimination, marginalization, and identity politics.
  • Develop a Youth Leadership Program to provide children and teens exposure to various religions and cultures.

At Present, he is involved in multiple ventures spanning industries such as real estate, which deals in commercial properties like hotels, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and office buildings and a consulting company that deals in Vendorship IT projects. He is also pursuing his dream of producing a movie project called INRI and Hwy 1 to Oneness under TRILOC Films. The script has been written, and it is under review. The Talent Acquisition Team is working toward bringing great people on board to make his vision a reality. He is also CEO/Co-Founder of a great online TV show called Chai and Just Chat.

His Visionary

Throughout his life, Rajan has seen and done many things. He has visited many places and met many people. He has understood that what is missing is Trust, Respect and Oneness. What is missing is love, Care and sharing. Truly speaking, Oneness is there. Suppose we care and share, If not money, our time, sympathy, encouragement, motivational talk, positive energies, truthfulness, and blessings. At least by doing this, we are developing consciousness of Oneness. At least we are trying to become ONE with the person and helping with his current situation. We all need to help—support, and love each other.

We have common energy, the power of life, and a common essence that everyone shares. This essence has a quality of love. Love is what we truly are.

So, what has happened to us? Where has our love gone? Where has this Oneness gone?

It has not gone anywhere. It is there, but we have forgotten who we truly are. We become consumed by our problems, our wants, and our desires. When our desires conflict with another person's needs, we struggle and argue to get what we want, even at the expense of someone else's basic requirements for survival. We only consider what we want, what we desire for ourselves; that is what we care for. We are becoming more selfish and judgmental than selfless, loving, and kind.